Sunday, May 3, 2015

Eating Coconut Oil weight loss (a beginner’s guide)

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It seems for anyone wanting to start a coconut oil regimen, one of the biggest roadblocks for them is just not even knowing how to start. I get people asking all the time “so when you say eat, I literally just eat it like with a spoon?” Or “how much do I eat?” Or “Do I melt it before I cook with it?” People generally will either put off making a change for a very long time, or never make the change, when they don’t quite get how to do it. And while the premise may sound simple, it’s actually not. So this should serve as a starter’s guide to introducing your life to coconut oil weight loss benefits.
First, lets talk the kind of Coconut Oil you need, this is the biggest complication in the entire matter. In keeping this subject simple, you want Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. You need those 4 words to be present. You do not want Expeller Pressed. If you pick up coconut oil and it doesn’t explicitly say that it’s Cold Pressed, it’s incredibly likely it is Expeller Pressed. Sometimes you have to read every word on the label. The “virgin” lingo means nothing, just “cold pressed.” Buying it at Whole Foods means nothing. Whole Foods is great, but their 365 brand is Expeller pressed, as is most of the ones they carry. Trader Joes is your best bet, they only carry one version (their own), and it’s affordable at $5.99 and good. If you want to know the details as to why I say this, you can go here to our ultimate coconut oil buyers guide. Otherwise, you can move on now.

Second, lets talk about how the coconut oil will react to your house. I know, this sounds like a very strange topic, but next to the confusion in buying it, this is one of the most perplexing parts to coconut oil. You finally bought your coconut oil, you bring it home, you but it in your shelf and you go to bed with sweet dreams about starting your coconut oil weight loss program. Then you wake up. You go down to the shelf, and your coconut oil is all clear and almost like a thick water. Or it’s a solid white rocky glacier.  Here’s the deal, coconut oil reacts to temperature. If your house is above 72, you probably got a loose, oily, clearer coconut oil. If you house is below 72, then you may have a hard, white coconut oil. This is normal, it’s just how it is. Some people prefer it one way or the other, but seeing you don’t control the seasons and probably aren’t going to adjust your home temperature unit to fit your coconut oil’s desired consistency, then you just have to roll with it. The coconut oil does the same thing in either case.  Do not stick it in the refrigerator, you will never get it out of the jar. If it’s super hard, if you put it in a pan and heat it for cooking, it breaks down fast. If you put it over hot oatmeal, the same (but lets talk all this later, the point is, the coconut oil is fine).
Now you want to get some inside your body and lose some weight and get healthy, but you aren’t sure how. You have a few main options, lets discuss them all.
Eating it. Some people are not comfortable with this because it’s essentially out of their zone of all things normal with the world. But the truth is, eating it is the easiest, most efficient and highest quality way you can get this stuff into your body. And yep, I mean you take a spoon, dip some out, and put it your mouth.
Cooking with it.  There are tons of recipes, you can find a lot of them here, but to keep it simple, imagine putting it as a replacement for anywhere you’d use butter (oatmeal, rice, even toast although bread is counterproductive). Also imagine putting it in a lot of places you’d cook with olive oil (eggs, sautéed vegetables, baked potato, crock pot foods). This is a good option because, and you probably didn’t know this, olive oil does not handle high temperatures well at all, in fact it gets rancid. Coconut oil on the other hand handles high temperatures really well and tends to maintain most of it’s nutritional value. If you just put it on oatmeal, it’s all good. If you cook in a pan with it, you are pretty good.

The coffee / tea method. This is a really popular way to do it. Many people drink coffee or tea in the morning. In this case, simply add the coconut oil to the hot coffee or tea while it’s in your mug. The coconut oil will melt down and form a thick layer that sort of separates. Your lips will feel amazing. You are probably wondering about taste…well, just try it! Tons of people are doing it, it taste really good, and it’s a great way to get it into your body. Here’s a sample of how it works using coffee.
Now, you know how to buy it, how not to freak out when it gets really hard or really oily the next morning after buying it, and you got some options to infuse it into your daily diet. So now we need to talk starting.
Coconut Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which is another major reason you should be eating it. Unless you have been living with a tribe in Papau New Guinea, your stomach has probably suffered the candida-ulcer-indigestion western diet complications. Coconut oil can help, but don’t expect to not have to take your lumps. The first times you eat it you may need to make a bathroom run. If you think this is abnormal, go to a Dr. But onward, you need to ramp up. So, you wake up on a morning that you can stay at your house, or a place you are comfortable and you do a half a tablespoon. Wait a few hours, see how things go. If your stomach goes a little haywire, then the next day stay with the same amount. Keep doing it daily until you can move up to 1 full tbsp. You ramp up.
How much to take? I take anywhere from 2 tbsp to 6 tbsp a day. If you feel you need to lose a lot of weight and can hit that 6 tbsp mark, then rock on. It’s all about how you feel.
Why on earth would I lose weight eating fat? Coconut oil is not your typical fat. It’s not the usual omega 6 laden fat, in fact, it’s not omega 3 or 6. Coconut oil processes directly in the liver and converts to energy. This energy overrides your other energy source (carbs). Once this happens, your body is burning fat for energy. This means no crashes. This means stable energy. You think coffee gives you energy? Wait till you try this, you can work for 14 hours and not even realize it happened. Believe me, I know.
Can I still eat like a disgusting pig and just rely on coconut oil for weight loss? No. Well, not really. It’s a quandary. First, poor foods like fast foods and refined sugars always trump anything healthy. You can’t load up on coconut oil and expect it to wipe the McDonalds out. If you eat McDonalds, you need to fix that issue first. However, coconut oil tends to make you feel less hungry and reduce cravings, so in a way, it may help. Just wake up one day, eat your coconut oil, give it time, see if the cravings go away.
There are tons of ways to use coconut oil, this is just one and it’s a simplified beginner’s version, but hopefully it helps.