Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Heart Foundation: Stop promoting margarine and processed food!

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There is overwhelming scientific evidence that margarine is unhealthy for human consumption. It is a man made, highly processed substance, no animal will touch it! It contains trans fats and despite the Heart Foundation reassuring people that the amounts of trans fats are very low, they are still extremely detrimental to health even at these levels and are far worse for you then butter!
There have been many studies lately that are now drawing the conclusion that saturated fat is not in fact to blame for cardiovascular disease and that it is in fact linked directly with inflammation caused by sugar, processed foods and highly processed vegetable oils and products such as margarine. While our bodies do need omega 3 and 6 the ratio is seriously out of whack when humans begin to use substances such as these. The Heart Foundation should be encouraging eating real food and getting some good, healthy, natural saturated fats in our diet as they are needed for hormome and cell function as well as protecting the heart from cardiovascular disease.
Margarine has been linked to cancer AND cardiovascular disease and causes harmful free radicals.
I would like to see the promotion of healthy saturated fats such as coconut oil (organic cold pressed) which have been found to have wonderful protective properties for cardiovascular disease as well as containing antifungal, antimicrobial and anti cancer properties.
Butter in a reasonable quantity (organic, from pasture fed cows and free of canola oil etc) is far from the villain it has been made out to be, it contains vitamins A, E, D and K and lauric acid, lecithin- essential for cholesterol absorption and antioxidants that protect against weakening arteries. The studies of Dr Price who followed the diets of isolated traditional people showed that the butter these people consumed was exceptionally high in all fat soluble vitamins and according to him, without these we would not be able to utilise the minerals we ingest no matter how much of these we were getting in other foods. Raw butter also contains the ‘Wulzen factor’ discovered by Rosalind Wulzen, it is also known as the anti-stiffness factor which protects against calcification of joints, hardening of the arteries, cataracts and calcification of the pineal gland.
If you can't have butter why not use something natural and really healthy like tahini or a natural nut butter!
I am also really sick of seeing the Heart Foundation tick of approval on products that are low in fat but are high in either sugar or dangerous artificial sweeteners and are loaded with chemicals, additives and preservatives. These foods aren't helpful for anyone. I would like to see real food and good, healthy, natural fats being promoted. For the good of our people and the health of our loved ones.
Sentences such as "Cereals are eaten in large amounts and should provide the bulk of your energy (kilojoules) each day, so try to eat them at each meal. Choose wholegrain varieties when you can"- a direct quote from the Heart Foundation are just ridiculous. Cereals are not a whole, healthy, natural food!
Here are some very well referenced articles on the matter
and in response to the Heart Foundation stating that our margarine is very low in trans fat
The above articles are purely to begin a base knowledge of the information, to really understand the entire cholesterol hypothesis, why we need Saturated Fats in our diet and why margarine and processed foods are dangerous and inflammatory read the following-
Recent study (link to a huge number of studies)
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Stop promoting margarine and processed food!
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