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Dr. Simoncini Baking Soda Treatment For Cancer

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by Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

NOTICE: Dr. Simoncini’s book is now available in English!!

To order the book see this website:
Order Dr. Simoncini’s Book in English

Dr. Simoncini Baking Soda Treatment For Cancer (NaHCO3)

Very Important Note
This treatment should not be used for more than three weeks at a time. During the first week no more than two TEAspoons a day of baking soda should be taken orally. During the second and third week no more than one TEAspoon a day of baking soda should be taken orally. Only under the care of a medical practitioner should these maximum internal doses be exceeded.
For skin cancers and other external cancers (inlcuding a rectal enema), where the baking soda solution comes into direct contact with the cancer, this restriction does not apply.

About the Simoncini Protocol

Did you know that the AVERAGE orthodox cancer treatment costs $350,000? This treatment costs about $3 and in most cases is far more effective than the $350,000 treatments!
This treatment was developed in Italy by an oncologist and uses baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.
This treatment is primarily used for cancer of the digestive tract, including cancers of the throat, colon, intestines, rectal area, and other cancers in between.
Cancers outside of the digestive tract generally need a health practitioner to inject the baking soda solution.
This web page is an interesting interview with Dr. Simoncini himself:
Also, see this video of an interview with Dr. Simoncini (high speed internet required):
Dr. Simoncini Interview
For more details about his treatment see this website:
Simoncini Protocol (Baking Soda)

The ICRF Recommendation For Using Highly Alkaline Protocols

Dr. Simoncini has been persecuted in his own country. We know he has lost his medical license and has been
threatened with jail.
Whether he is currently in jail or not, he likely is not allowed to answer emails from cancer patients as that
would be considered to be “treating cancer.”
His theory is correct, but technically cancer is caused by a bacteria which is inside of cancer cells – not a fungus.
However, the fungus is highly pleormorphic.
Alkalinity CAN kill these microbes and revert the cancer cells into normal cells. Study this article:
We do not recommend his protocol without expert support and we are not aware of any support which is available.
However, there are three other alkaline protocols we do endorse.
There are two very good highly alkaline protocols on this website: Cellect-Budwig and Cesium Chloride. These are very proven protocols and come with expert support. Cellect contains both cesium and potassium.
If you are going to use high alkalinity as a treatment for cancer you need to work with an expert!! Cellect-Budwig is supported by Mike Vrentas and Cesium Chloride is supported by Larry of Essense-of-Life. See the left side-bar for links to these protocols.
The third protocol, the Dirt Cheap Protocol, uses fairly low doses of baking soda, but it also includes more than a dozen treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. It is also very inexpensive:
See also the ICRF Reference Manual:

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