Wednesday, July 26, 2017

8 Easy Ways to Shrink Ovarian Cysts Naturally

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The key to getting rid of an ovarian cyst is to equalize your hormones and diminish factors that contribute to your cyst. Too much exposure to estrogen and xenoestrogen (estrogen imitators) can disrupt ovulation and lead to the formation of cysts.


Processed soy products e.g. soy protein isolate, imitation meat 

They contain compounds that mimic estrogen, creating a hormonal imbalance.

Heating foods in plastic or storing hot foods in plastic

There are xenoestrogen chemicals in this material that get released into your food when heated. Use glass containers instead.

Plastic water bottles

For the same reasons you’d avoid plastic containers.

Parabens in skin care products

They are found in many healthy foods at low levels. Your metabolic system makes them less strongly estrogenic, but applying parabens directly on your skin allows the body to absorb parabens while skipping the metabolic process.

Try to:

Eat only organic meats and dairy:

To avoid additives in these products that can raise estrogen levels and promote the growth of cysts.

Use natural detergents:

Many laundry detergents contain xenoestrogen chemicals that can seep into your skin while you’re wearing your clothes.

Use herbal remedies:

These herbs can support a proper menstrual cycle, reduce ovarian pain, increase circulation to the reproductive organs and support healthy liver function, which helps us eliminate toxins and excess hormones.
For information on specific dosing, speak to a herbalist or Naturopath who can find the right amount for you.
  • Maca root: helps the body produce progesterone. 
  • Black cohosh root: helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieves ovarian pain.
  • A castor oil pack is a cloth soaked in castor oil and placed on the skin to enhance reproductive circulation and promote the healing of bodily tissues and organs. You can make your own at home, just visit here.Use a castor oil pack:
    Do not use herbal remedies if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Yarrow: relieves pelvic congestion and improves the timing of menstrual cycle.
  • Vitex (tree berry): regulates hormonal balance, promotes ovulation and improves the timing of menstrual cycle.
  • Tribulus: normalizes ovulation.
  • Milk thistle seed: supports hormonal balance and liver health.
Note: Castor oil should not be consumed or applied to broken skin. Avoid using this if you are pregnant, breast feeding or menstruating.
Check out this video by Vitalife on how to make a Castor Oil Pack!