Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to Beat Cancer with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

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There is no doubt that cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases. We should do everything we can to avoid cancer – watch what we eat and drink and take care of what we expose our skin and ourselves to. Cancer can develop in people with the help of some internal and external factors. For instance, cancer can be found in GMO seeds and various treatments used in the growth of fruits and veggies.
This vicious disease dwells in commercial sunscreen lotions rich in toxins that keep your sweat inside the body and prevent vitamin D from reaching your body. This disease is frequently found in soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, toothpastes and makeup.
Cancer can also be present in pills, in your fridge or even in your pantry. However, cancer has an enemy that can eliminate it for good. This destroyer of cancer is known as hydrogen peroxide. If you want to read more about it in the mainstream media you will probably find information about the negative effects it brings when it is at 35%, but none of them will share the information that pouring a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide in some water on a daily basis has the ability to eliminate cancer. You might be shocked by this information, but it’s true.

Cancer prospers in acidic environment. It develops fast in a body where the organs and the blood are exposed to large quantities of sugar, processed salt, artificial/junk food and animal fat. The brain, heart and other organs have hard time to eliminate the toxins that are part of many conventional types of foods.
These toxins include herbicides, hormones, heavy metals, antibiotics, fluoride, insecticides, ammonia, bleach and many other toxic compounds. This is the reason why oncologists and doctors in general advise patients that practice chemotherapy to avoid alkalizing foods such as kale because it may disrupt the chemo.
The sad truth is that the majority of patients dealing with cancer die as a direct result of the chemotherapy because this therapy eliminates the healthy cells too. So, both healthy cells that are actually trying to fight against cancer cells and cancer cells receive less oxygen and the final result is death or development of new cancers. One of the things that cancer patients often forget is that parasites, viruses and all pathogens are actually anaerobic.
In other words, they make progress when there is no oxygen present, but can’t live when there is extra oxygen in the environment. The same goes for cancer cells. These vicious cells can’t develop and spread if they don’t have access to fermenting glucose.

So, what should each of us do, no matter if we are dealing with cancer or not? The answer is simple – alkalization of the body. Don’t forget that hydrogen peroxide cannot improve your immunity or fix damaged cells in the process of chemotherapy, but this substance will provide a good basis for regeneration of new hair, skin, organ and all types of cells. This regeneration is coded in every person’s DNA. Both women and men experience the same thing:

Providing Sufficient Amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in The Cancer Cells is Crucial

Numerous scientific studies has shown that the progress of cancer is directly related to the quantity of oxygen found around cancer cells. In other words, if there is more oxygen around them, the cancer will progress slower and vice versa – less oxygen faster growth. In case cancer cells are exposed to the right amount of oxygen, they will be eliminated. Hydrogen peroxide has the ability to eliminate cancer cells because these cells don’t have the means to break down this substance and prevent its effects.
The main point of healing cancer with hydrogen peroxide is providing sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide in the cancer cells. This process has been described scientifically. Proteolytic enzymes, also known as pancreatic enzymes, cut the thick protein covering that surrounds cancer cells in half and that’s how the immune system is able to identify cancer cells. So, you don’t have to be an expert to understand how this actually works. When the protein coating is cut, hydrogen peroxide penetrates the cancer cells. Now this is something that you can’t find in mainstream media.

Medical Science is Well-Aware of This Fact for More Than 5 Decades

Dr. Otto Warburg is a Nobel Prize winner who has exposed the main difference between cancer and normal cells about five decades ago. All cells get energy from glucose. However, cancer cells break down glucose without the help of oxygen while normal cells need a combination of oxygen and glucose. This is the reason why cancer cells need more sugar and why overweight and obese people are prone to cancer.
Hydrogen peroxide therapy and few other therapies based on oxygen were tested and scientists have confirmed that they are efficient and perfectly safe. Of course, you should be careful what you are buying because 35% hydrogen peroxide is the only type of peroxide suitable for internal use. Stay away from 3% peroxide found in supermarkets and pharmacies.
It is highly recommend avoiding internal use of this peroxide because it comes with many different stabilizers which should not be consumed. If you want to use this remedy at home, you should know that there are some people who add one cup of 35% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) to tub filled with warm water and soak for half an hour.

In this way, the substance is taken through the skin as the largest organ. There are people who take a glass of water with a couple of drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide. In addition, take care of the digestive enzymes. Scientists have found that there is a link between cancer and low levels of digestive enzymes. There is a special enzyme therapy that can solve this problem.