Wednesday, June 24, 2015


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I just saw another parent say “My child received SEVEN [vaccines] at once. SEVEN. I was not given a choice by the doctor. They told me it was required.”
BULLSHIT. What bureaucrats (people who exist for money and power) SAY is required, and what is actually required are often very different.
Doctors are powerful, because they are given presumed belief by society. The time to challenge that has passed, and yet, most people are afraid to challenge their doctor, especially when it involves the patient’s children.
I want to make it clear that I am NOT a lawyer, and without authority for giving legal advice, and yet I coach people on how to deal with bureaucracy effectively.
When my first son was born, the doctor who attended birth at the hospital threatened me with “Your son could die” (if I didn’t allow him to administer the vitamin k shot.) The fact is, any of us could die at any moment, so this was not factually incorrect, but the doctor was merely using it as a scare tactic. He also wanted to do a circumcision, which I opposed, and the vitamin K shot was to assist with coagulation of blood. Since I was not going have him circumcised, he didn’t need that coagulation to occur.
I told the doctor that I refused, and I didn’t need his scare tactics. He backed away. Today, I would handle it much differently.
Here are some powerful questions (and probable answers) that may come in handy, if you want to refuse vaccinations. Doctors can be pushy, so the less attitude you serve up, the better the situation will end up. In fact, if you go in telling a Doctor how wrong they are, or that they are paid shills of the pharmaceutical industry (no matter how true this may be) they will go into full GOD mode on you. How dare you question their expert opinion?
Asking questions that are engineered to shut down the conversation and stop the aggression into squelching or controlling your right of informed choice. (You do still have this right.)
“Do I have the right of informed consent?” (They have to say yes. If they say no, I would LEAVE at this very moment.) If they say yes, which is probable, I would say “Then I choose to refuse at this moment, to discuss or accept a vaccine for me or my child

“Do I have the right to a second opinion before proceeding?” (Again, they have to say yes, or they are forcing you to UNinformed consent.) This question is an excuse to get out of the doctor’s office, and if I had to use this one, I would never darken his door again.
If a doctor tells you that the vaccines are “required”, I’d ask “Will you please put that in writing, along with the law requiring it, so I can take it to my attorney for his opinion?” [Note: I abhor attorneys and the legal industry, but this is a shutdown question, and the doctor would be foolish to proceed insisting to vaccinate further after this question.]
“Who is liable if my child is vaccine-injured?” (They will probably go into some spin about how it rarely happens, or is so remote of a possibility that you shouldn’t be concerned. This is merely DISTRACTION. Keep focused on the question, and getting an answer. They will not assume liability.)
“Have you ever diagnosed a vaccine injury?” (This is damning, because they are NOT TRAINED to diagnose a vaccine injury, but to rather DISMISS vaccine injuries as impossibilities. This is because their liability is at issue.) If they say “no”, then I’d say “Well then, I’m uncomfortable with you being the one to administer it if you have no experience diagnosing injury from this product.” (This is a direct blow to their power, so I would only use this if absolutely necessary, but to be prepared, it needs to be a readily available question, in my opinion.) IF they say that they have diagnosed vaccine injury, it opens up another can of worms, because then you can ask how often this has happened, from what vaccines, and all sorts of questions without breaching or threatening HIPAA laws violations.
“Who would I go to if I believe a vaccine injury has occurred afterwards?” (This question is designed to give a doctor notice that you ARE going to be watching, and you have fear that an injury could occur. Any doctor walking forward into this question is asking for a lawsuit, and they know it.)
“Will you certify my child’s health in writing before the vaccine is administered?” (This is another question designed to give the doctor notice that you are gathering evidence for a lawsuit, should something happen. This question is a repellent to proceeding forward, for a doctor.)
“Will you assume full liability in writing, just in case my child is vaccine injured?” (This is almost an incentive for the doctor to ask you to not come back. Just be warned. But, if escape from the doctor’s office is an objective, it’s powerful.)
Check the laws in your state concerning recording the conversation and consider taking in a digital recorder that is positioned to catch the conversation clearly. (shirt/blouse pocket, side pocket of purse, etc.) I’d be careful to hide any blinking indicators that give notice of recording happening. “One Party Consent” states (with person to person conversations) means that one can, as a party, consent to the recording, while the other party remains uninformed about the recording taking place.
If you already have a religious or personal belief exemption, and it is allowed in your state, exercise it. If not, and you want information on how to form one, I may do another article on that subject matter.
Understand that these questions and this entire article are posed for entertainment, education, and information only, and are absent intent or authority as legal or medical or any type of professional advice.