Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ever Heard of a Fat Cleanse?

Reposted from Dr. Mercola (Facebook Post)

Last rant was about healthy pasture-fed cows vs industrial feed-lot corn-fed cows on hormones and anti-biotics. The fat profile of the two animals is completely different. People who eat one or the other often have remarkably different physical results too. Those who consume industrialized cheese, butter, milk and meat tend towards excess weight and early onset of cardiovascular disease, to name a few. When the switch is made to grass-fed, man...y report weight loss and other benefits such as bad cholesterol dropping.

Which brings me to the point about people attempting low-fat diets to lose fat. See, if you eat foods your body wasn't designed for, it can only end badly. This practice is so widespread though that I suspect many of us need to change the way we think about food. People should ask themselves- what's real food? What's fake food?

Here's a thought. Do any of you know of a cow that produces skim milk? I don't. Mother nature produces a perfect food, a BALANCED food which will take a newborn calf from tiny to big and full of life, and we are so clever we think we can improve on it. Oooooh, let's take the fat out, because lots of people are fat. Trouble is, now you have a fake food. An IMBALANCED food. And if you drink or eat such stuff, your body will react. ("Where's my fat? Better save up what I have, looks like a shortage.")

Flip the coin over. Eat real food. Normal food has some ‘made-by-nature’ fats in it. Healthy fats. Not fats made in a food chemicals lab. Healthy fats get RID of other fats. Arteries get cleared. What do you dissolve grease with? Water, or an oil-based solvent? Grease-cutters are themselves made from grease. Water won't dissolve oils and fats. (Think skim milk, remember?) So even foods with quite a bit of fats in 'em like nuts and avocados, do NOT make us fat (unless we are stuffing ourselves).

Our bodies react by slowing down fat retention because there's plenty coming in. Plus, your brain which is comprised of 2/3rd’ fat needs them!

Resist the Fat Famine lie!