Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Save $2600 in Dental Bills – Another Real Food Success Story!

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The following is a Real Food success story from Adina that you’ll love. Real Food not only protects our bodies, but it also protects our teeth AND our pocketbooks, too!
I’m running out of success stories and I’d love to share more with my readers, so please would you email me yours? THANK YOU!
I wanted to share with you a success story about my three year old son. On November 14th I took him to the dentist for a tooth infection. But it turns out he had more than that, he had about four cavities plus one broken tooth and it had turned brown. Also on the top teeth he had a brown line, no matter how much I was brushing his teeth nothing helped.
So the dentist told us we’ll need about $2600 to fix every tooth in his mouth. I was very sad and didn’t know what to do. So I talked to one of my neighbors (a Kitchen Kop reader, by the way!) and was telling her about my situation. She suggested I read this book called Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, and she also said to give my son cod liver oil and high vitamin butter (here’s where to buy both of these). As soon as I finished talking to her I came home and ordered them and soon started giving it to him.
I couldn’t believe it, Monday night the 10th of December I looked in his mouth and he had one more cavity left and the rest are gone. Even his broken tooth is starting to heal!
I didn’t change much about his diet except every morning I give him the cod liver oil and toast with the natural butter oil, that’s all I do.
I have three kids and before I found out about this awesome cure for tooth decay I had my oldest daughter’s teeth fixed and spent $2800. So I’m very happy to share this experience with everybody.
If you notice in this picture below, my son’s fifth tooth is still a little brown but it’s getting better day by day, and my daughter just has some cavities left on the bottom teeth. I thought I should share my story, IT’S A TRUE MIRACLE.
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