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Homeopathic Treatment for Influenza

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Written by Joette Calabrese
Friday, 30 October 2009 19:43
Yesterday, in the house down the block, the Grecos’ thirteen-year-old son Anthony got sick. The family was setting up the annual autumn neighborhood party in their yard and Anthony couldn’t join in. He was dreadfully weak, had a whistley wheeze, and every breath he took was painful. His eyes were drawn, and he was pale and nauseated. This was one of those illnesses that could easily turn into a bad case of the flu, bronchitis or worse. As a child, his mom had suffered frequent bouts of influenza that had turned into pneumonia. His dad, too, had similar episodes as a youngster. More important, the word on the news was that the influenza season was at hand.
But there is something different in Anthony’s life from that of many other children on his block. He has homeopathy as his method of healthcare. In fact, as a result, he has never ingested an aspirin, Tylenol or antibiotic in his thirteen years of life. He is a drug-free kid.
When Anthony was about four, he began catching every cold and flu that was going around. That’s when his parents called a homeopath. The homeopath explained to his mom that when someone young or old has frequent bouts of the flu, pneumonia or even colds, that the method of addressing it is to use a particular type of homeopathic remedy called a nosode before the onslaught of an illness. It gently and safely stimulates the body to be able to withstand contagion.
The homeopath recommended one for Anthony that was specific to his medical history and it halted the sinus infections, frequent bronchitis and lingering low level flu-like symptoms that used to plague Anthony. Now his mom gives it to him once each year in the fall. Characteristically, the remedy was chosen specifically for Anthony. Homeopathy is wonderfully individualized.
Had Anthony’s parents adhered to the dictates of conventional medicine when he most recently fell ill, he would’ve been dragged to the doctor’s office for an antibiotic, analgesic, inhaler and perhaps a steroid just as the party was gathering for the celebration at their home. Like a cascading row of dominoes, if this illness had been treated with conventional medications, it might have eventually advanced to a future pathology. Instead, because Anthony had taken his homeopathic early in the season his mom only needed to give him a little boost with another remedy, Influenzinum 30C. And with the threat of the flu in their area, she was prepared by giving each member of the family a few doses of Influenzinum 30C as a prophylactic.
Anthony’s mom also knows that homeopathy has been shown to not only protect against flu in advance of its symptoms, but to resolve the episode at hand and even minimizes the chance of it recurring soon. If it indeed reappears, it does so with less gusto, doesn’t last as long, and her child will have profited by this method of care. That’s because she has observed in her children that a developmental leap occurs after a mild illness. Last time it was when Anthony was struggling with math. After that brief, well spent illness liberated by a few doses of the correct homeopathic remedy, he conquered his long division with ease.
Homeopaths as well as astute parents have through the centuries understood that colds, the flu and other childhood illnesses are a requisite prelude to the normal stages of childhood development. That is, illness presses the child to meet the trial of the illness itself, including the emotional challenge that accompanies it. Growth always follows. This ushers the child into the next intellectual, emotional and physical developmental stage. By using conventional medications, this development can be stifled because the disease is not allowed to resolve from within, but is merely suppressed by artificial means. Conversely, it’s not uncommon after the use of a homeopathic remedy that the child not only conquers the illness but the parents report that “it seems he has just grown up.” Indeed! Isn’t that the progress we want for our children?
Smart mom. This time, after three doses of Influenzinum, Anthony slept twelve hours straight into the next morning. When he woke, he reported an improvement of seventy five percent. Great! Nevertheless, his mom knew it was not over yet. More of the same remedy would be administered, but now less frequently. Two days after this now rather mild illness, Anthony was be back to his thirteen-year-old antics.
Contrast Anthony’s experience with that of Jacob, who lives in the blue house down the road. His mother tells Anthony’s mom that Jacob has had bronchitis twice this year, not unlike his dad who has always been susceptible to these kinds of infections. Jacob’s been on a daily dose of antibiotics since two months ago. The doctor said the bronchitis was from the flu that was going around at that time. But now he has skin rashes, stomach aches and chronic constipation. He sees the doctor monthly for adjustments to his inhaler because it no longer works so well. And it appears that Jacob has developed asthma. Not only has this eighth grader lost time in school, but his mom mentioned he was struggling with reading of late.
Why are these two boys so different? Both families have a history of respiratory illness, both have been exposed to the same flu bugs, and both families live typical American lifestyles, yet how can one so quickly resolve the illnesses that come his way while the other struggles daily? Why, it’s the method of care of course! Health is not bestowed randomly. Anthony has an immune system that is strong because his mother has utilized homeopathy to its fullest and doesn’t allow the introduction of drugs in her home.
Each illness overcome with the use of homeopathic medicine is an opportunity to strengthen the immune system. Homeopathy is rational, intelligent, with no side effects in the present or the far future, and is profoundly curative.
Two boys. Two families. Two different approaches to health. Which house would you choose?

Home Influenza Protocol
Homeopathy has a reputation worldwide for stimulating the immune system to set it on the right course. For folks who are prone to colds, the flu, sinus infections, ear infections and the like, it is a wise consideration to naturally arouse the immune system so that it no longer results in these pathologies.
However, even without this kind of personal care from a homeopath, there is still plenty that can be done. As a gentle yet frequently successful prophylactic for influenza, the following is the protocol that has been shown to often halt deeper pathology:
At the first word by the authorities of an impending influenza epidemic, each family member can take Influenzinum 30 C, four times in one day, repeated weekly until the threat is over or up to a month. Then one dose can be taken monthly for the duration of the flu season. This will often eliminate the flu altogether but if it still hits home, it will prove to be a milder version because of Influenzinum’s protection.
Meanwhile, at the very first sign of influenza or if there has been exposure to anyone with any respiratory symptoms during flu season, one dose of Influenzinum 30C, followed by one dose Oscillococcinum 30C, eight to twelve hours later is a well known protocol. This process should be repeated for three or four days, depending on the seriousness of the presenting illness. If started early enough this procedure will live up to its sterling reputation, particularly during the cold and wet season. Further protection can be achieved by working with your homeopath before an epidemic to individualize and address immunity more fully.
For more detailed information on how to protect yourself from influenza and also treat it, go to and click on Ahh Choo the Flu. To purchase Influenzinum 30C and Oscillococcinum 30C, contact your local health food store, pharmacy or Johnson’s Village Pharmacy (716) 753-3200.

This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Fall 2009.