Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Amazing Dr. Terry Wahl - THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS!

In trying to help others overcome health problems, the biggest wall I have encountered is people's blind faith in the own doctor and the western medical establishment.  It doesn't seem to matter how much proof, stories of success, research, etc., I offer, I still hear the same protests.  "Why doesn't MY doctor know about this?"  "If this were true, wouldn't it be all over the news?"  Well.... no.  I can speculate as to why, but there is so much information out there and now (fortunately) so many doctors realizing that what they were taught in medical school was only half the truth that I simply can't understand why someone wants to suffer and even die from a disease when there is often good reason to believe there is a solution to their problem. 

The link below is of Dr. Terry Wahl who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after completing medical school.  She admits in this video that she had access to the best of the best in traditional medicine yet her situation continued to decline.  She finally took control of her own health and began looking at a nutrient-dense diet (the same as what I advocate) and she ultimately reversed her MS.  Very Inspiring!!