Monday, June 1, 2015

So what snacks are 'good for me?'

by Thomas Martin, One Percent Health

In general, I recommend making your own healthful snacks for yourself and your children.  But I also realize the hours in the day are limited and sometimes, it is just nice to pick up something ready to serve or ready to eat. 

I love snack or health bars, but find that most of them contain horribly unhealthy ingredients, especially soy, corn and/or wheat. 

But, I have found something that I can recommend to you all, something that I now buy and enjoy.  They are sports or snack bars from IDLife:

They taste great and contain nothing I would avoid.  The site has links to other products they sell but as of yet I have not totally evaluated each one, but from everything I've seen, the products look good. 

Disclaimer:  IDLife is a multi-level marketing (or direct marketing) company , I am in no way affiliated with IDLife nor am I a paid spokesperson.   I tried their bars for the first time this past weekend.  I was initially suspicious of their health claims, but after reviewing the ingredients and tasting them, I am now a fan.  I am just letting you know when I find something I think is good and something that I myself will eat.  Items that conform to the One Percent Health lifestyle.