Friday, April 4, 2014

Announcing My Newest Book! Just Do This One Thing: A Guide To Chronic Good Health

Dear Readers,

Thank you for following and reading my blog.  I have some wonderful news!  My new book Just Do This One Thing: A Guide To Chronic Good Health is now available.   Since my LVAD implant and explant due to my own efforts to heal my heart, I have continued reading and changing my lifestyle to be as healthy as possible; to be part of the one percent healthiest Americans. 

Now I have taken what I have learned, condensed it into a simple step-by-step guide for everyone.  The more steps you take, the healthier you will be. 

The book is available directly from me on the main page of my website:  Kindle version will be available from Amazon sometime in May.

Also know I will also soon be launching a new blog called What I would do if Diagnosed with…   This blog will be all original content, looking at one disease at a time and telling you what I would do if I came down with that same ailment.  It will then reference many of the articles already posted in this current blog.
On my website, I will soon provide links to some do-it-yourself videos to help you on your path to Chronic Good Health as well. 

Thank you again for your support! I have almost 50,000 hits on my current blog site!

Take care and choose health!